Launch of Drones4Sec

Launch of the first European Federation of Security Drones: Drones4Sec

PHOTONIS is proud to participate in the launch of the first European Federation of Security Drones DRONES4SEC.
Faced with the growing use of drones, European players in the field have decided to join forces by launching this week the very first European federation for security drones, Drones4Sec.

Covering air, land and sea drones, this federation aimed at encouraging innovation and supporting its introduction inside Europe.
At Photonis, we are convinced the stake of security drones requires the greatest attention.

Our division Digital Vision provides the most compact and power optimized cameras, seeing at day, at night and in thermal, to offer the best image to users in all conditions.

Let's get Photonis innovation into breakthrough drones !

Check the association press release:



Few words about DRONES4SEC

DRONES4SEC is a European action tank whose aim is to develop innovations and experiments in European territories with the support of the EU and to strengthen cooperation between European security drone stakeholders. These actions will make it possible to test frameworks of use, respecting European requirements, in order to contribute to the development of European regulations. At a time when the use of drones is becoming more and more a part of the daily life of companies and authorities, the creation of a sovereign, representative and expert federation will reinforce the development of this innovative industry, bringing together European technology companies with strong potential. DRONES4SEC aims in particular to define the criteria of trust, cybersecurity and protection of personal data that the use of drones requires for these new uses and to make decision-makers aware of the importance of choosing trusted drones. Indeed, the requirements of trust, cybersecurity and personal data protection become even more important with the increase in connectivity and autonomous operation, as well as the use of these drones for increasingly sensitive missions