Instro Precision for the UK Ministry of Defence

Photonis awarded contract with Instro Precision for the UK Ministry of Defence

Photonis has been selected to supply 4G 16mm image intensifier tubes for the procurement of NVG-E by the UK Ministry of Defence. This new order comes as a follow-on option from the contract signed in 2021 confirming the satisfaction of the Army with the solution Instro Precision (Elbit Systems UK’s subsidiary) and Photonis.

The aim of this procurement is to increase UK’s night vision capability of dismounted soldiers. Thus, Photonis will supply 4G 16mm intensifier tubes to cover the production of NVG-E* lightweight binoculars assembled in the UK and supplied in a helmet-mounted configuration, with size, weight and improved capabilities.

Night vision devices with Photonis 16mm image intensifier tubes have been tested extensively in various countries all over the world. Within almost all disciplines, such as infantry during CQB (Close-Quarters Battle), urban warfare, for driver goggles or parachute jumping, night vision equipment with Photonis 16mm image intensifiers become a preferred choice, notably thanks to the reduction of SWaP (Size Weight and Power).The 4G technology is perfectly suited to the stringent requirements of night combat operations. It enables operators to get the best possible image and range in rapidly changing light conditions.

Photonis awarded contract with Instro Precision for the UK Ministry of Defence
This technology has become the standard in all major European programs. With the broader availability of night vision devices in general, the challenge is to have the best-performance image intensifiers and systems that are always more powerful than those of opposing forces.

Photonis’ headquarters are based in Bordeaux in France and its manufacturing facilities are located both in
France and the Netherlands. Photonis employs approximately 1 000 people worldwide and is world-renowned for its high-performance image intensification technology. Photonis is the prime contractor for all NATO countries and affiliates and its image intensifier tubes are deployed all over the world.

To learn more about Photonis, please visit the website at or contact one of Photonis’ night vision representatives at

*NVG-E googles, assembled in the UK, are also known as XACT nv33 by ELBIT Security System

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