GOES-S Successful Launch to Monitor Weather Events

GOES-S, the next in a continuing series of space satellites, has been successfully launched into orbit with #photonisinside!


GOES-S is the latest in the GOES-R series of instruments designed to image earth's weather patterns, storms and other phenomena. The GOES-S will also monitor external events that can affect the earth, such as electromagnetic flares that can disrupt communications and other electronics. The GOES-S is the second of four planned satellites and will image the Western US; it joins the GOES-16 (formerly known as GOES-R), which was launched in late 2016 and provides images of the Eastern US. The GOES-R series is the fourth-generation of weather satellites, designed to provide higher resolution imagery faster and with more detail than the weather instruments that were previously used.


The GOES-S satellite is equipped with six instruments which combine to provide information to assist weather forecasters by monitoring storms and to emergency responders to better prepare and support communities likely to be impacted by severe weather. Photonis has provided a number of specialty Microchannel Plates (MCPs) to its partner, Assurance Technologies, as part of its SEISS instrument. These custom-made MCPs are used in the Magnetospheric Particle Sensors - Low (MPS-LO) instrument to monitor solar flares and other electromagnetic events.