The Device-ALab company joins the Photonis group

The French company Device-ALab, specialist in infrared camera cores, joins the Photonis group

Device-ALab, a company specializing in infrared camera cores, joined the Photonis group on Friday March 5th. This transaction allows Device-ALab to benefit from the strategic, commercial and operational support of the Photonis group. Device-ALab's activity confirms Photonis's desire to expand into new commercial markets and to diversify its product offering.

Device-ALab's know-how is focused on infrared imaging, very high speed data conversion, analog sensor electronics, interfaces and communication protocols in imaging.


The markets and applications using Device-ALab technology are as varied as the markets where Photonis has a presence: defense, smart cities (urban traffic control, presence control in buildings), security (firefighters, police, health (tumor detection), industry, industrial inspection, drones and leisure, etc.


Device-ALab and Photonis, partner companies for several years, are already collaborating on joint projects of fusion between thermal and digital image intensification (I²). They also share the same values as innovation through R&D, development through export, service to our Forces.

The acquisition of Device-ALab know-how had therefore become obvious to Photonis.


About Device-ALab:

2020 turnover: € 2.7M; number of employees: 18 (end of 2020)

Device-ALab was incorporated in 2010 as a spin-off of E2V semiconductors based inSaint-Egrève (38). The team knowledge roots in decades at Thomson-TCS, Atmel & E2V in development of electronic subsystems for Imaging (industrial cameras, X-ray sensors) and Data Conversion (DAC-ADC development kits). Since 2017, the company has successfully undergone a strategic transformation from an engineering company to a core-camera product company with remarkable growth.