AUSA 2015 - Washington DC - Booth 1465


PHOTONIS is pleased to announce the introduction of its 16mm INTENS 4G Image Intensifier and showcase its NOCTURN low light Day/Night sensors during the Annual Association of the United States Army General Meeting and Exposition (AUSA), held from 12-14 October in Washington DC.

PHOTONIS will be presenting the new INTENS Image Intensifier at Booth 1465. With the introduction of the 16mm INTENS users have access to the smallest, lightest and most compact image intensifier available that meets Size Weight and Power requirements (SWaP) for the defense and security industry.

4G Night Vision Standard
The INTENS Image Intensifiers comply with the new 4G Night Vision standard. Developed as the highest performing night vision specification, 4G provides users with 40% more Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI) range across a wide range of light levels. These benefits combine to make the INTENS family of Image Intensifiers the most powerful and highest performing Night Vision available today, giving users an unfair advantage when compared with existing tubes on the market.

Also at AUSA, PHOTONIS will be showcasing their award winning KAMELEON color CMOS and the LYNX monochrome sensors, in addition to the NOCTURN family of low light digital cameras. These solid-state CMOS sensors provide excellent high resolution images and frame rates under the lowest light conditions and are the core technology of all NOCTURN cameras.

The NOCTURN family of cameras are optimized for use in low light level conditions, allowing operators to see full high resolution images from day to night. Compared to thermal imaging applications, PHOTONIS’ provides true digital images for recording, remote control viewing and detection. The NOCTURN is specifically designed for low light imaging applications such as security and surveillance. The NOCTURN cameras are ideally suited for applications on UAVs, Vehicles and Helmets and come in a wide range of options that allow for specialty integration or plug-and-play operation. On the PHOTONIS stand visitors can get the latest details about the superior quality, size, weight, performance and power under all night light levels.