The Telops company joins the Photonis group


The Telops company joins the Photonis group

Photonis acquires the Canadian company Telops, a specialist developer and manufacturer of high-performance hyperspectral imaging systems and infrared cameras.

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The ProxiVision company joins the Photonis group

Photonis acquires ProxiVision, leader in ultra violet detection solutions

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The Xenics company joins the Photonis group

Photonis acquires Xenics, a leader in Infra-Red imaging solutions

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Photonis Device Alab


The Device-ALab company joins the Photonis group

The French company Device-ALab, specialist in infrared camera cores, joins the Photonis group

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Photonis launches iNocturn

The first intensified camera combining Photonis image intensifier tube and the sensitive low light camera core.

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Photonis in the fight against Covid-19

Photonis supports its analytical instrument customers in the battle against Covid-19.

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Photonis Science challenge for students
The launch of an international science challenge for Engineering and Business students

Launch MCP-PMT for LIDAR
The launch of MCP-PMT for LIDAR applications

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Photonis Scientific and Photonis Defense
Renaming of our facilities in the United States into Photonis Scientific and Photonis Defense

Technology for NASA
Providing critical technology for NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Mission

Introduction 2 and 4MPX EBCMOS
Introduction of high resolution 2 and 4MPX EBCMOS sensor

Technology GOES-S
Providing technology for space satellite GOES-S

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The Launch of Neutronic System for Neutron Imaging

Introduction NOCTURN HD-SDI Camera

Photonis Ultimate Forces Challenge

INTENS becomes 4G

Introduction of the 4G standard-compliant to US market

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Photonis products for GOES-R Orbiter

Introduction single counting camera

Photonis visits Jupiter on Juno spacecraft

Launch CPNB84

Launch FusionSight

Award for CNOD

Launch ASTRO-H

Introduction Hi-QE Photocathodes

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Award for Kameleon
The Kameleon CMOS sensor received the Prix Chanson for innovation

Introduction INTENS 16mm
Introduction of the INTENS 16mm tube to cover SWAP requirement while keeping the highest performance

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Awarded by NASA
Photonis is awarded by NASA for work on MAVEN project

Into the Laser Megajoule
Installation of Photonis’ components in the Laser MegaJoule

Introduction Kameleon
Introduction of the day-to-night color Kameleon CMOS sensor

Launch 4G compliant INTENS tubes
Launch of the INTENS image intensifier tube compliant with the new 4G night vision standard

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Introduction NOCTURN Camera
Introduction of the day-to-night NOCTURN Camera powered by the LYNX CMOS.

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Award Resistive Glass Reflectron Lens Process Patent

75th anniversary of Photonis

Introduction LYNX

Photonis detectors embedded in the Rover module landed on Mars for a long exploration of the red planet

X-Ray Imager made by Photonis is deployed to Space

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Burle Industries becomes Photonis USA Pennsylvania
A name change of Burle Industries into Photonis USA Pennsylvania because of the growing recognition of the Photonis name in the US markets

Introduction 40 mm Second Generation AP TOF
Introduction of a 40mm Second Generation AP TOF

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Award for Optical Communications Receiver

Launch TruFlight and Microchannel Plate Technology

Introduction Multi Capillary Inlet Tube Technology 

Award nomination Gen2 TOF detector nominated for PRISM Award

Photonis Holding becomes Photonis Technologies

Launch 18 mm Second Generation AP TOF

Introduction Microwell Plate Technology

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Introduction Second Generation Bipolar TOF

Award night vision optics

Patent Mounting Pad Technology

Certification of Standard KTA1401 Confirmation by AREVA for components of Nuclear Instrumentation

AREVA becomes a supplier for components of Nuclear Instrumentation

Photonis USA receives ISO 9001: 2008 certification

Introduction Microchannel Plate MountingPad Technology

Photonis France receives ISO 14001:2004 certification

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Introduction Micro Pore Optics
Introduction of Square Pore Microchannel Plates (Micro Pore Optics) which are used to focus X, UV and EUV rays, most commonly in space

Contract with US Government
IDIQ contract with US Government for image intensifier tubes of 5 years

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Nomination ICU
Nomination of ICU for 'Best Technological Development for Future Soldier System Enhancement', this integrated camera unit couples a camera with a night vision optic

Photonis Holding
Photonis Holding is formed for the combination of DEP, Burle and Photonis

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Introduction Coaxial TOF

Introduction Enhanced Ion Conversion Coating

Invention Resistive Glass Ion Mobility Tube

Patent awarded Resistive Glass Reflectron

Patent awarded Charged Particle Controller

Patent Awarded Electron Multiplier

Invention Reflectron from Resistive Glass

Patent awarded Low Power Voltage Divider

Patent awarded Resistive Glass Manufacturing process

Patent awarded Co-Axial BiPolar TOF detector

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Invention Enhanced Bipolar Time of Flight Detector
Invention of the Enhanced Bipolar Time of Flight Detector, the enhancement increased detector sensitivity, increasing resolution

Patent awarded Bipolar TOF detector
Patent awarded for the Bipolar TOF detector

Photonis Group
Photonis Group has formed by combining DEP, Burle and Photonis. Photonis now has manufacturing facilities in four countries

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Introduction Bipolar Time of Flight Detector
Introduction of the Bipolar Time of Flight Detector, the popularity of TOF mass spectrometry spurs an increase in TOF detector development

Order for CERN
Order for CERN to develop 550 Hybrid Photo Diodes to track photon movement

Patent awarded Bipolar TOF detector
Patent awarded for Bipolar TOF detector with Cartridge

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Invention 2 micron Pore MCP
Invention of 2 micron pore Microchannel Plates, at that moment the smallest pore size on the market

Introduction CFUZ subminiature fission chamber, 1,5 mm external diameter, is introduced
Introduction of CFUZ subminiature fission chamber, 1,5 mm external diameter. This is a Nuclear Instrumentation components, in collaboration with the CEA (French Atomic Energy commission)

Invention Resistive Glass
Invention Resistive Glass which creates a uniform electric field to preferentially attract ions

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Introduction XR-5
Introduction of XR-5 image intensifiers with Auto-Gating

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Patent awarded EGA
Patent awarded for Electron Generator Array

Invention EGA
Invention of Electron Generator Array, EGAs act as cold electron sources with steady electron flux

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Introduction XH-72 image intensifier
Introduction of XH-72 image intensifier for night vision, a direct competition for the XD-4

Introduction XD-4 image intensifier 
Introduction of XD-4 image intensifier by DEP, a direct competition for the XH-72 

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Acquisition Burle division Galileo
Acquisition for Burle of the Scientific Detector and Spectroscopy division of Galileo 

Introduction SDH-3 image intensifier
Introduction of SDH-3 image intensifier, one of the first image intensifiers that was used in night vision technology

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Invention advanced performance TOF
Invention of advanced performance Time of Flight Detector

Introduction CFUG ex-core wide range fission chamber
Introduction of the Nuclear CFUG ex-core wide range fission chamber, LOCA protected

Philips Brive becomes Photonis
Philips Brive becomes Photonis, an independent company. This is the first time that Photonis is used

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Transfer SMCP technology
Transfer of the Science Multichannel Plates technology from Mullards Mitcham (Philips, GB) to PHILIPS PHOTONIQUE, this means MCP capabilities for both image intensifiers and space applications in two plants

EDF CECC qualification CPNB44
EDF (Electicite de France) CCE qualification for the Nuclear CPNB44 boron lined proportional counter

PHILIPS COMPOSANTS becomes PHILIPS PHOTONIQUE, after this acquisition it is still part of the Philips

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Invention Low Noise MCP
Invention of the Low Noise Microchannel Plate which improves detection sensitivity

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Invention positive and negative Ion Detector
Invention of the positive and negative Ion Detector

Manufacturing for Brilliant Pebbles SDI program
Manufacturing of a 12mm detector for use on Brilliant Pebbles SDI program by DEO. The technology developed for this cancelled program spawned new applications

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RTC-COMPELEC becomes PHILIPS COMPOSANTS, after this acquisition it is still part of the Philips Group

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Invention of ion free MCP
Invention of the ion free Microchannel Plate

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Formation BURLE Industries
Formation of BURLE Industries from the former General Electric, focus is manufacturing of specialized power tubes, Magnetrons and cavities

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Move of Galileo into new headquarters
Move of Galileo into new headquarters. The Sturbridge, MA facility is still in use today, equipped with glass manufacturing facilities

HYPERELEC becomes RTC-COMPELEC, after this acquisition it is still part of the Philips Group

Acquiring RCA by General Electric
Acquiring of RCA by General Electric

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Invention Long Life MCP
Invention of Long Life Microchannel Plates which offers an exclusive material with superior lifetime characteristics

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Invention generation III MCP
Invention of generation lll Microchannel Plates which brought improved resolution to the market 

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Invention first commercial TOF Detector
Invention of the first commercial Time of Flight detector, which is a common Mass Spectrometer type

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Developing 8 Micron Pore MCPs’ 
Developing of 8 Micron Pore Microchannel Plates, smaller pore sizes means higher resolution

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Use of first MCP in space
Use of the first Microchannel Plate in space exploration

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Use of first Channeltron in space
Use of the first Channeltron in Space Exploration

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Opening of DEP
Opening of Delft Electronic Products, BV (DEP) in Roden (Netherlands), formed to manufacture the first image intensifiers by Photonis

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Creation large format MCP
Creation of the large Microchannel Plate (MCP), this enabled larger images to be detected

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Invention photo tube using SCEM
Invention of the first photo tube using a single channel electron multiplier (SCEM), this enabled image intensification

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Philips becomes HYPERELEC 
Philips becomes HYPERELEC, a Philips Company

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Invention MCPs for image intensification
Invention of Microchannel Plates for image intensification , these are developed for use in night vision products

Opening new Philips factory in Brive-la-Gaillarde
Opening of the new Philips factory in Brive-la-Gaillarde, the factory is still in use today

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Invention Channeltron Electron Multiplier 
Invention of the Channeltron Electron Multiplier which is the widely recognized brand name for SCEMs

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Flooding hits southwest France
Flooding hits southwest France and damaged the Philips Factory in Brive-la-Gaillarde. Relocation was underway due to limited space in downtown Brive

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Invention Continuous Dynode Multiplier
Invention of Continuous Dynode Multiplier, a vacuum tube structure that multiplies incident electron charges

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Invention Magnetic Electron Multiplier 
Invention of Magnetic Electron Multiplier, this product used alkai doped lead glass as the multiplication surface to multiply electrons

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Development of TV products, Power Tubes and vacuum devices 
Development and production of TV products, Power Tubes and vacuum devices, these RCA products are at the forefront of television transmission

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Opening of Burle 
Opening of the facility Burle in Lancaster (United States of America), originally part of RCA Corporation, to support US Navy in the manufacture of microwave and radio tubes



Opening of facility Brive-la-Gaillarde
Opening of the Philips Group facility in Brive-la-Gaillarde (France) which is largely recognized as the beginning of Photonis as it stands today