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At Exosens, we pride on fostering a collaborative environment that promotes our vision and drives the creation of innovative solutions. As a globally trusted partner, our mission is to provide groundbreaking imaging and detection solutions that pave the way for technological breakthroughs and ultimately lead to a safer world. By joining our team, you will become an integral part of the driving force behind cutting-edge technologies that can make a positive and lasting impact on a global scale.


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Join an innovative team that is making a difference

Exosens is a high-tech organization internationally recognized as a major innovator in optoelectronics, with production and Research and Development carried out on 9 sites, in Europe and the USA and over 1 600 employees.

Our mission is to provides innovative imaging and detection solutions to enable technological breakthroughs for a safer world. We serve 4 main markets: LiveScience, industrial control, nuclear energy and defense with the same ambition “Become the leader in each segment” guided by the principles of respect, team spirit, entrepreneurship and passion.

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Where Values Unite, Innovation Ignites

At Exosens, we firmly believe that every successful company stands upon a foundation of unwavering corporate values that define its very essence. These values serve as guiding principles, shaping our actions and decisions, and laying the groundwork for our mission. Our five core values - Team Spirit, Respect, Trust, Passion, and an Entrepreneurial Mindset - form the bedrock of our corporate culture.

We foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, where teamwork propels us forward and enables us to achieve remarkable results. Respect is deeply ingrained in our interactions, honoring the diverse perspectives and contributions of each individual. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships, both within our organization and with our valued partners. Passion drives our unwavering commitment to excellence, propelling us to go above and beyond in everything we do. Finally, our entrepreneurial mindset fuels our innovative spirit, empowering us to embrace new challenges and seize opportunities.

These values define who we are and how we operate as a global leader in our industry. Join us at Exosens, where our shared values will inspire and guide you as we together create a future of endless possibilities.

Exosens - Core Values

Entrepreneurial mindset

Exosens - Core Values


Exosens - Core Values


Exosens - Core Values

Team Spirit

Exosens - Core Values


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Where Excellence Meets Customer Satisfaction

Our product range is designed to push the boundaries of physics, science, and electro-optics, allowing us to forge a brighter future. Whether it's the early detection of diseases, enhancing food safety, or equipping our military forces with cutting-edge night vision capabilities, our solutions consistently strive to exceed expectations. At Exosens, we remain committed to providing our customers with nothing short of the best available solutions.

We continuously strive for excellence and firmly believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation. Above all, we prioritize agility and customer satisfaction. Our team goes above and beyond to understand and meet the needs of our clients, ensuring their satisfaction.

Be a part of our team and make a difference. Develop your skills and achieve your professional goals!


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