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Leader in ultra violet detection solutions

Photonis Germany GmbH is a German manufacturer, supplier and service provider for high-grade optoelectronic components and detector systems, the company is fully owned by Exosens headquartered in France.

With over 60 people and its headquarters based in Bensheim, Germany, Photonis Germany GmbH is recognized for its strong expertise in intensified tubes and cameras in ultra-violet spectrum with solar-blind functionality. Photonis Germany GmbH addresses different types of applications such as Missile Warning System, Corona discharge detection, semiconductor inspection, neutron and X-ray imaging.

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About Photonis Germany GmbH

Photonis Germany GmbH is a manufacturer, supplier and service provider for high-grade optoelectronical components and detector systems, especially for:

  • low-light and short-gating (nanoseconds) intensified cameras
  • image intensifiers
  • detectors for x-rays, UV, visible light, NIR, particles

Roots of ProxiVision GmbH go back to the know-how and production facilities of Proxitronic Detector Systems GmbH, formerly Proxitronic Funk GmbH & Co. KG, which was originally founded in 1978 as a management buy-out from Bosch TV manufacturing plant. At that time that company was located in Darmstadt and the main product was the PROXIFIER®, a proximity focused diode-type image intensifier. In 1984 Proxitronic Funk GmbH & Co. KG moved to Bensheim, which is up to now the location of ProxiVision GmbH.

Photonis Germany -ProxiVision

Highlights of products improvements and further developments in the company history are the launch of the Gen-II 40mm MCP-PROXIFIER® image intensifier production, the introduction of our special “advanced solar-blind” UV-sensitive photocathode, and the launch of the latest type of image intensifiers with germanium or multi-pixel anode for event detection with high time resolution. Our products are estimated by customers throughout the world in the academic, industrial and defense sectors. Photonis Germany GmbH is the only German manufacturer of high-performance image intensifiers and related products.


Photonis Germany offers standard and customised photon and particle detection as well as imaging systems. Development and production are handled in-house to ensure high quality standards and flexibility. Photonis Germany focuses on application specific quality products with high performance.

Photonis Germany -ProxiVision  optoelectronics

Photonis Germany is the leading manufacturer of high resolution proximity focus Image Conversion Diode Intensifiers and single photon UV Detection Image Intensifier which cover the entire spectrum from UV to Near IR. 

Photonis Germany has been involved in development, design and engineering right from the early days on and soon became recognized for the performance of their detectors. While series production started in year 2000, engineering lead to a continuous product-improvement. Products have been developed in close cooperation with a number of system houses. For each system, a special solution had to be engineered to meet the requirements of a very detailed specification. Core parts of these systems typically include a lens, the detector and software. All components have to carefully tuned to meet such divers requirements as detection of defects in high-voltage powerlines and early warning against an approaching missile.

For the growing requirements for image sensors and photodiode arrays in the UV spectrum, Photonis Germany offers high resolution UV spectral converters incorporating fiber optic output windows for direct coupling to the pixel surface of a detector. Thus, coupling losses are reduced making it possible to attain a light transmission factor to the detector of up to 70 %.

For UV spectral conversion, Photonis Germany has developed the Advanced Solar Blind Photocathode featuring very high sensitivity in the UV (quantum efficiency of about 24 %) with an extremely high rejection factor of visible light of up to 9 orders of magnitude.

Photonis Germany -ProxiVision  optoelectronics


Our know-how, our standard and customised photon and particle detection as well as imaging systems are key factors in the continued development of our competitiveness in a global market.

Development and production are handled in-house to ensure high quality standards and flexibility. Our teams in Bensheim, are mobilized every day to meet the technical challenges of tomorrow in the fields of General Science, Industry, Medical Diagnostics and Life Science and Defense & Security.

Photonis Germany -ProxiVision- sicence industry

General Science

We develop and design solution for various scientific applications such as :

  • fluorescence, luminescence microscopy
  • spectroscopy
  • particle detection (electrons, ions)
  • vacuum applications
  • combustion
  • diffraction patterns
  • radiation detection
  • beam diagnostics & alignment
  • high energy physics



We develop and design solutions for various industry applications such as:

  • PCB (x-ray drilling)
  • semiconductor
  • power line inspection
  • underwater imaging (offshore)
  • elemental analysis (OES, LIBS)
  • gas chromatography
  • environmental measurement
  • hygiene monitoring
  • food & beverage analysis


Photonis Germany -ProxiVision- industy
Photonis Germany -ProxiVision- Medical Diagnostics and Life Science

Medical Diagnostics and Life Science

We develop and design solution for various Medical Diagnostics and Life Science applications such as:

  • dental X-ray imaging
  • ophthalmology
  • tomography
  • in vitro assay
  • DNA sequencer

Defense & Security

We develop and design solutions for various Defense & Security applications such:

  • UV Missile warning system
  • Lidar / laser range-gating
  • low light cameras
  • explosives detection
  • fingerprint
  • fire detection
  • ballistic
  • baggage inspection
  • homeland security
  • radiation detection
Photonis Germany -ProxiVision- defense