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Importance of Methane Detection and the use of Infrared to detect Methane Leak

Methane is a critical resource in global energy production and its demand is expected to increase as global energy consumption grows. Due to the increasing use of photovoltaic and wind turbine power plants, there also is an increased need for methane-based power plants to cope with intermittence of these energy sources.

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SWIR Microscopy: At the Forefront of Next Generation Technologies

The ushering in of the new digital era (Fourth Industrial Revolution) and a hyper-connected society has accelerated in recent times through necessity as our society rapidly embraces digitalization for remote working, education, telehealth, video-conferencing and many other aspects of our daily lives.

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An efficient tool for allergy detection

Skin testing is a well-known technique for allergy diagnosis: it is both sensitive and specific. Tests consist of introducing a liquid containing a small amount of potential allergen on the skin and observing the skin’s reaction. If the person is sensitive to the allergen, then a raised inflammatory reaction will occur on the skin called a wheal.

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Laser beam profiling and infrared cameras

The spatial intensity distribution of a laser beam is one of the key parameters to understand how a laser will perform in an application

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